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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Customized Korean Dress for a Beauty Pageant

Customized especially for this beautiful young woman was this electric hot pink Korean dress designed by LeeHwa. This unique style brings out the Korean culture while fusing it with the modern day American style. It's not a surprise that she won 1st place in the Ethnic Costume Award category in 2008.

Fusion dresses

The colors, the embroidery, the style, the modernized yet traditionally inspired Korean hanboks at Lee Hwa reflect the beautiful fusion of the Korean and American culture. It is an alluring experience that sets one's chord of awe when put in one of these authentic and stylishly fabricated clothing. It's no doubtedly, guaranteed that you feel beautiful, royal, and culturally appreciated. Below are some of the recently customized dresses designed by Lee Hwa.

This is a very unique make consisting of the colors red and black with gold emroidery on the bust area. You'll feel very lavish in this halter dress.

This yellow strapless dress eccentuates the rich nature of the land of Korea, (hand painted).