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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Clothes

Lee Hwa also designs and creates her own line of baby clothing.
These traditional baby clothing are bought popularly during New Year's and the baby's first birthdays. Of course, the baby clothing are not only limited to those events; they can definately be worn at any other time as well!

The baby hanboks below are a fusion styled clothing, for they mix traditional korean with modern day styles. The girl hanbok is a strapless flowery dress with a hand embroidered top. A patterned gauze type silk flows loosely over a satiny yellow silk skirt. The girl's dress comes with a cropped, short-sleeved jacket and also a korean traditional hat. The boy's hanbok is similarly mixed with the same patterned gauze type silk and a deep lavendar satiny silk fabric. Both costumes are made out of 100% silk. They do not have to be bought as sets and can be bought separately.

The hanboks below are not fusion-styled for they evoke the traditional and historic korean elegance in their style and print.

The two images below portray family hanbok sets in different colors and styles.

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